Global Governance, Human Rights and International Law: Combating the Tragic Flaw

governanceThis book offers a stimulating introduction to the links between areas of global governance, human rights global economy and international law. By drawing on a range of diverse subject areas, Errol P. Mendes argues that the foundations of global governance, human rights and international law are undermined by a conflict or 'tragic flaw', where insistence on absolute conceptions of state sovereignty are pitted against universally accepted principles of justice and human rights resulting in destructive self-interest for both the state and the global community. The book explores how human rights and international law are applied in some of the critical institutions of global governance and in the operations of the global private sector, and how States, institutions and global civil society struggle to fight this 'tragic flaw'.

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Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 5th Edition

Editors: Errol P. Mendes, LL.B., LL.M. & Stéphane Beaulac, LL.L., LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D.

charterThirty years after the enactment of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, LexisNexis ispleased to publish the 5th edition of this landmark treatise that examines the interpretation andapplication of the Charter by Canadian courts in both the private and criminal law spheres, aswell as its impact on the Canadian legal system. Updated to reflect the most recent constitutionaldevelopments, this book offers a comprehensive review of the evolution of the Charter in theCanadian legal landscape.

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Peace and Justice at the International Criminal Court: A Court of Last Resort

Peace_and_JusticeThis authoritative book addresses the greatest challenge facing the International Criminal Court since its historic establishment in 1998: reconciling the demand for justice for the most serious crimes known to humanity with the promotion of sustainable peace in conflict areas around the world.

In describing and analyzing this challenge, Errol Mendes demonstrates that the Court is a product of centuries of global efforts to integrate peace with justice. Focusing on two important prosecutions involving indictments of the president and other senior officials of Sudan and a savage rebel group in Northern Uganda, the author argues that the choice between peace and justice is not a zero sum game. Based on knowledge and experience obtained during his time as a visiting professional at the Court, the author combines insights from Court leaders with his own analysis in his call for greater international cooperation with the Court in fulfilling its mandate and overcoming other obstacles that threaten its work into the future. Scholars and students of criminal justice, international studies, political science and human rights, as well as civil society groups, government officials and those working with international justice organizations, will find in this book a unique and sophisticated perspective on this complex dilemma.

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Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in China: Chinese and Canadian Perspectives

Confronting_discrimination_and_inequality_in_ChinaConfronting Discrimination and Inequality in Chinafocuses on the most challenging areas of discrimination and inequality in China, including discrimination faced by HIV/AIDS afflicted individuals, rural populations, migrant workers, women, people with disabilities, and ethnic minorities.

The Canadian contributors offer rich regional, national, and international perspectives on how constitutions, laws, policies, and practices, both in Canada and in other parts of the world, battle discrimination and the conflicts that rise out of it. The Chinese contributors include some of the most independent-minded scholars and practitioners in China. Their assessments of the challenges facing China in the areas of discrimination and inequality not only attest to their personal courage and intellectual freedom but also add an important perspective on this emerging superpower.

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Bridging the Global Divide on Human Rights: A Canada-China Dialogue

Bridging_the_global_divide_on_human_rightsIn this collection of essays that explores Western and Chinese perspectives on human rights, leading Canadian and Chinese scholars bridge the global divide on some of the key aspects of human rights.

Issues covered include the role of civil society in human rights protection, the imperative of the rule of law in the protection of human rights, freedom of expression and its relation to social, economic and cultural development and corruption in the public and private sectors. The volume also focuses on the domestic implementation of human rights treaties and offers gender perspectives on implementing social and economic rights in an era of globalization. The independent Chinese and Canadian scholars present a new vision of global pluralism in the area of human rights protection in a modernizing China and in the rest of the world.

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Global Governance, Economy and Law: Waiting for Justice

Global_governance_economy_and_lawThis book provides a critical examination of the most important institutions of global governance in the world today.

Drawing on history, political science, law and economics, the authors examine institutions such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and also the global private sector. In a series of comprehensive analyses the inability of these institutions and entities to promote and protect human rights and international peace is revealed.

While examining the failures of the past, the authors enthusiastically propose far reaching reforms, suggesting how these global institutions and their member states can reform themselves to prevent the exploitation of the most vulnerable in the global economy and bridge the gap between the high vision that saw the birth of these institutions and their present day failures. Global Governance, Economy and Law calls for nothing less than a global Marshall Plan, a new global political vision and a new system of international taxation to finance the integration of justice into the world economy.

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Towards A Fair Global Labour Market: The Role of International Labour

Towards_a_fair_global_labour_marketThis book answers the question of how to maintain effective labour regulation as the market for labour moves towards globalization.

This issue is addressed from legal, economic, social and cultural perspectives. The authors consider the effects of free trade and investment, with and without labour standards, on employment, competitiveness, wages and working conditions in the global economy. Deriving and analysing policy options, they seek ways in which principles of labour regulation can operate at an international level. The work concludes with a call for a rule-based global trading system in which core labour standards play a significant part.

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The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms


The 2005  fourth edition of Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, edited by Senator Gérald-A. Beaudoin and Professor Errol Mendes, published by LexisNexis continues in the great legal tradition of its predecessors. The first edition was edited by Tarnopolsky and Beaudoin (1982), the second edition by Beaudoin and Ratushny (1989). and the third edition by Beaudoin and Mendes (1996) were published by Carswell/Thomson. This Canadian legal classic contains contributions from Canada’s foremost constitutional law experts, and provides expert analysis and insight into the application of the Charter by Canadian courts, in both the civil and criminal law spheres.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 4th Edition is the only authentically national book examining the Charter and its impact on the Canadian legal system.

The assembled national contributor team brings together a variety of regional and linguistic perspectives, and the book reflects this rich depth of analysis. The essay of the late Chief Justice Brian Dickson provides the context on the development of the Charter, while the contributions that follow examine the rights guaranteed under the Charter, and the application and enforcement of the same.

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